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But now I was peeling off my clothes and kneeling before her jutting cock. I could think of no anal creampies than to be her butt slut again. It had been a long time since I had even tasted a dildo, but I fell-to with a hunger and soon was listening to her praising coos.

"Good job, bunny. Suck my dick."

I did for several minutes, until she told me to stand. My cock was parallel to my stomach in anticipation. She was going to lead me into the bedroom and sodomize the bajeezus out of me, I just knew it. But, I was wrong.

Instead she fastened my hands together with a rope and led me to her coffee table. Then she put a sleepmask on me so that I was blindfolded. Next she tied my hands to one leg of the coffee table.

"I'll have to trust you to keep your butt up and knees apart," she told me.

"Oh, please baby, just fuck me," I begged.

"In a minute," she laughed, bemused at my eagerness. "Spread those knees apart." I did as I was told, and she grasped my nuts, making me gasp. Then she wrapped the free end of the rope around my sack, pushing my balls far away from my body. It was our way of ensuring that I wouldn't cum no matter how much pleasure she gave me.

About then, I heard a knock on her door. Her voice told me, "From now on, I just want to hear 'Yes Ma'am.' OK?"

I wanted to groan with need. Instead, I replied, "Yes Ma'am."

"Hey, come on in," I heard Berta say when she opened the door.

I heard someone gasp at my predicament, and then whispering. I gathered she didn't want me to hear his voice. Did I know him?

"Now why would you think I was bullshitting?" I heard Berta laugh. Berta is a worldclass bullshitter, so her protest was pretty funny. Then her voice turned serious, if not aroused, when she told him, "take off your clothes and watch while I get him ready for anal creampies."


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