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I have been playing regularly with a Hot Wife couple for the past few months and this is a report of the real sick anal creampies that took place during our last adventure. What's interesting about this recap is that it is from both the husband's point of view and mine.

The first part is the husband's story, which he posted on a Hot Wife group we both belong to

The Husband's Report on the action:

What a day! This is Tim the husband. You have read about Julia's adventure before in a post by Sport. Well, he came to town again today. I had told J the painter would be coming to fix some items in our house at 10AM this morning and she needed to be home to let him in.

I was stuck at work in a meeting when she called to tell me the painter only knew how to paint pussy and didn't know anything about fixing anything except sick anal creampies. I had to be very discrete, but told her to go ahead and have the "painter" start working on sick anal creampies she needed done, and I would be home when I could. Lucky for me I have a web cam in the bedroom. Talk about hard to concentrate! Try sitting at your desk, in a meeting, and then looking at your wife sucking and fucking on the computer screen in real time.

After the meeting was over I headed home. When I got in the bedroom J was on top riding like a wild women. I did the only natural thing and got naked and stuck my cock in her mouth. From there the afternoon is a blur, but what I know for sure is that he came in her pussy then I fucked her pussy till I came.

We took a break and J started to suck us both back hard. Sport was fucking her doggy while she sucked me when I looked at my watch and noticed I had better get back to work before I was missed. We traded places so I could fuck her doggy while she sucked him. I fucked her hard and came a second time. I took a quick shower and headed back to work while they were still going at it on the bed. When I got back to work, I looked at the web cam and they were just finishing again.

I think , that J in the course of 3 hours took 2 loads in her pussy, 2 sick anal creampies and swallowed 1 but I can't say for sure since I got there late and left early.

Anybody else ever watch your wife live on a web cam? It is the hottest thing next to participating. I think it is hotter than being there because you see sick anal creampies but you can't participate and you have to be discreet as to not draw any attention to what you are looking at on your computer.

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